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Efficient spray grass in the Northern Territory

Reliable irrigation solutions from Spray Grass Industries 

Spray Grass Industries has been providing brilliant irrigation and lawn maintenance services in the Northern Territory for over 22 years. We’re very proud of the reputation we’ve acquired for quality work and customer satisfaction. Spray Grass Industries offers a comprehensive selection of services, allowing us to customise a complete package for each client based on their needs. 
spray grass industries road construction
spray grass industries road side
spray grass industries road construction irrigation
spray grass industries road side grass irrigation

Our services include

  • Soil supply
  • Soil levelling
  • Permanent or temporary irrigation
  • Spray grass (hydro mulch, hydro seed)
  • Water mains
  • Dust control
  • Erosion control
  • Lawn establishment
  • Pump set up
  • Over-seed

Spray Grass Industries also supplies permanent and temporary irrigation and spray grass to

There’s no need to seek additional contractors as we can supply and carry out everything ourselves, saving you a substantial amount of time and money. Spray Grass Industries has the advantage of mobility, meaning we can cover a lot of ground and perform jobs anywhere in the Northern Territory.
spray grass industries turf layout
spray grass industries turf layout irrgation
spray grass industries turf worm invasion control
spray grass industries turf worm invasion removal control

  • Drains
  • Easements
  • Culverts
  • Waterways
  • Verges
  • Medium strips
  • Ovals and sports grounds
  • Schools
  • Mining and buildings sites
  • Hospital grounds
  • Front and backyards (residential)

Lawns for recreation and public spaces

Often underappreciated is the lawn beneath your feet when it comes to sports and other leisure activities. A well-maintained lawn not only looks fantastic but is the ideal surface for physical interaction. Additionally, we’ve worked in many parks in the Northern Territory, supplying soil and professional irrigation to ensure councils and governments achieve the best lawns possible. 

Industrial and commercial sites 

Spray Grass Industries also provides spray grass, dust control, revegetation and more to building sites, mining sites, landscapers and any other industrial or commercial outlets. Furthermore, permanent or temporary irrigation is available for nature strips, ovals, park and orchards.

Looking for trusted irrigation services in the Northern Territory? call  0428 337 555 .

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