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    Personalised commercial irrigation in the Northern Territory

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    Spray Grass Industries has completed an outstanding variety of projects over the years, spanning all sorts of sites and sizes. We’re incredibly proud to show off what we can do for your lawn, wherever it resides. Our team always looks forward to the next project, so please get in touch if you’re looking for quality domestic or commercial irrigation.  
    spray grass industries large field area

    Howard Springs intersection

    Supplied and levelled soil, installed temporary irrigation and sprayed hydro mulch. 
    spray grass industries irrigation for road way

    Howard Springs intersection

    Spray grassing and temporary irrigation installed for Water Dynamics. 
    spray grass industries irrigation before

    Beddington Estate – Eucalyptus Drive, Girraween

    Installed 13,000 square metres of temporary irrigation and sprayed hydro mulch to the drains and road verges.
    spray grass industries irrigating grass road

    Beddington Estate – Eucalyptus Drive, Girraween

    These are the results after 6 weeks of watering, post hydro mulch and temporary irrigation. 
    spray grass industries irrigating grass along the road

    Impex – Manigurr-ma Accommodation Village, Howard Springs

    Supplied seed and sprayed hydro mulch
    • Laing O rourke 
    • Scape shape
    spray grass industries irrigation after

    Johnston and Zuccoli Estates

    Sprayed hydro mulch on many of the verges and drains along the sound wall for Jmac.
    spray grass industries irrigation green area

    Berry Springs Nature Park

    Supplied and levelled soil; existing sprinklers were lifted and reset to match the adjustment. Hydro mulch was also sprayed. The area received its first mow and extra fertilizer after 6 weeks. 
    spray grass industries irrigating large land area

    Department of Infrastructure

    • Medium strips Bagot Road and McMillan Road
    • Hidden Valley race track
    • Berry Springs Wildlife Park
    spray grass industries territory build up

    Dept of infrastructure 

    • Hidden valley 
    spray grass industries irrigation on garden


    • Noonamah Abattoir
    spray grass industries irrigation land

    Sterling Nt 

    • Goyder Square Darwin Waterfront
    spray grass industries high land construction

    HL Contracting

    • Howard Springs Prison

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    spray grass industries for great infrastructure

    Water Dynamics

    • Howard Springs Intersection
    • Darwin Hospital 2012
    • McMillans Road and Bagot Road medium strips 
    spray grass industries irrigation pipeline


    • Zuccoli estate
    • Johnston estate
    • Muirhead estate

    Kirkland Drv Palmerston 

    • Temporary Irrigation 
    • Hydromulch 

    If you’d like your lawn to be our next project, give us a call on 0428 337 555 .

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