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    Competitive irrigation systems in the Northern Territory

    Don’t know how to tackle irrigation?

    Irrigation can be a broad area involving countless problems and solutions, and many landowners find it too daunting to address the issue themselves. More than anyone, Spray Grass Industries understands just how intimidating such a crucial part of land maintenance can be, but with our expert team we’ll take care of your irrigation for you efficiently and effectively.

    Medium strips

    Spray Grass Industries can take on all medium strips, too. While we’ve worked on a staggering number of lawns in the Northern Territory, we don’t pass up jobs on medium strips. There is never a lawn too big or too small for us, and we are equipped to provide irrigation systems for all kinds of sites.

    Our solutions

    We offer both permanent and temporary irrigation systems. Should your lawn require a brief period of treatment as we proceed with the project, we can install a temporary irrigation system that will get the job done before being removed. Alternatively, you can opt to install a permanent irrigation system designed to sustain the site for however long you want it to.

    Whatever your irrigation needs, Spray Grass Industries is guaranteed to have the right system for you. We’ll set up all the pumps and tanks, and calibrate the system to perform efficiently for your intended operation times. Using our irrigation solutions, you’ll never have to worry about your lawn deteriorating again.

    Get a free quote for your irrigation system by calling us on 0428 337 555 .

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