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    Refined erosion control in the Northern Territory

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    Erosion control in the Northern Territory

    One of the biggest threats to landscaping and the agricultural industry in general is erosion. If water and wind are not properly controlled in the right places, the terrain can become damaged, leading to soil and property erosion, as well as possible pollution. Many domestic, commercial or industrial lawns in the Northern Territory have not been correctly protected and are ruined as a result.
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    Refined erosion control from Spray Grass Industries 

    Here at Spray Grass Industries, we’ve been dealing with erosion for a long time, and our experienced team has the knowledge to combat it effectively. Of all the methods we employ, a staple is spraying Flexterra mixed with seed. Flexterra is a state-of-the-art compound that attaches to the soil to form a protective barrier. With a proven 99% effectiveness, Flexterra makes erosion control easy. 
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    Give your lawn the makeover it deserves

    If your lawn shows signs of erosion or needs a complete treatment, contact Spray Grass Industries and we’ll provide flawless erosion control alongside our native revegetation service. Nobody likes a lawn that has lost its beauty; revegetation will restore your lawn’s former glory by repopulating it with lush greenery. You won’t be disappointed!

    Contact us on 0428 337 555  today and let us protect your lawn from erosion.

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