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    Affordable domestic irrigation in the Northern Territory

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    Locally owned and trusted

    Koole Irrigation was founded in 1988 and re-established in 2011 as Spray Grass Industries Pty Ltd. Having installed commercial and domestic irrigation in the Northern Territory for 22 years, Spray Grass Industries Pty Ltd has developed from a small irrigation company to a respected leader in the area, owning two spray trucks and the machinery to suit any job.
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    We have the tools to handle any project

    Whether domestic, commercial or industrial, we can work on any site, from sports parks to government properties. We provide a wide variety of irrigation and lawn maintenance services, including hydro mulch, hydro seeding and over-seeding. Hydro mulch is a mix of papier-mâché, seed, fertiliser and dye, all sprayed on the ground. Hydro seeding consists of spraying only seed and water while over-seeding involves implanting a seed 2cm into the ground using a machine. Whatever you require for your property, we can take care of it.
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    Hands-on service and advice

    Regardless of the irrigation service you require, our team knows how to care for your lawn. With years of knowledge and experience, customising the service to accommodate individual needs isn’t a problem. Most important to us is customer satisfaction, so we collaborate with you throughout the entire project to ensure your lawn looks as stunning as you imagined. 

    For more information on our domestic irrigation services, call us on 0428 337 555 .

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