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Greening the Territory 

Services Include 

Spray grass 




Native Revegetation

Temporary Irrigation 

Permanent Irrigation 

Soil supply and levelling

Dust Control 

Erosion Control 

Keeping the territory green 

Trusted Spray Grass Solutions in the Northern Territory

Services include 

    • Spray grass 
    • hydromulch
    • hydro seed
    • Over seed
    • Native Revegetation
    • Erosion control
    • Dust control
    • Soil levelling
    • Soil supply
    • Irrigation (temporary and permanent)
    • Lawn establishment 

    Commercial / Civil / Private

     No job is too big  or too small.  
     Between our large spray units and smaller suburban 
      trucks,  we can handle almost any task. 
       Our services extend to all kinds of businesses, 
      whether commercial or industrial, private,
      including mining sites, sports parks,
      real estate, neighbourhoods, local councils 
      and government.  
       What’s more, with our available 
     mobile service, we have the  capacity to travel anywhere
      in the Northern Territory, North  Queensland or 
      North Western Australia. 
    The team at Spray  Grass Industries
      is always thrilled to breathe 
    new life into your  grass. 

     Who are we

         Spray Grass Industries Pty Ltd.
          Formally Koole Irrigation.     
          30 years in situated in the Territory.
          Family run business.
          One of the biggest Hydromulch 
          setups in the Territory.
           We provide 110 % quality customer satisfaction.

           Fast and Efficient.


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    Crafting your ideal lawn in the Northern Territory

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